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Modern Knowledge Tour

Montreal - Aug 15, 2015
Toronto - Aug 16, 2015
Calgary - Aug 22, 2015
Vancouver - Aug 29, 2015
Victoria - Aug 30, 2015

Tour Details

Questers receive a 15% discount on all Modern Knowledge Tour Events by using the coupon code QUESTERS upon checkout.

For help on how to apply the coupon code please see:

For any questions, please call Christopher at 647-992-9940 or email at

Download poster.

Speaker and Topics include:

Nassim Haramein (Montreal, Toronto, Calgary, Vancouver and Victoria)
Topic: The Connected Universe: A Fundamental Transformation of Human Awareness

Alex Grey and Allyson Grey (Montreal, Toronto)
Topic: Cosmic Creativity: How Art Evolves Consciousness

Marty Leeds (Montreal, Toronto, Calgary, Vancouver and Victoria)
Topic: The Deconstruction of the Mathematical Foundation of the English Alphabet

Dr. Edgar Mitchell - 6th Human to walk on the Moon (Toronto)
Topic: The Conscious Transformation of a Moon-walker

Tom Clearwater (Toronto)
Topic: Scalar Humanity

Patty Greer (Calgary)
Topic: Crop Circles: Keys of Wisdom

Dr. Carmen Boulter (Vancouver and Victoria)
Topic: New Discoveries in Egypt 2015 and The New Atlantis

Michael Cremo (Vancouver and Victoria)
Topic: Forbidden Archaeology: Evidence for Extreme Human Antiquity

Voice Power Spirit Tour

Vancouver - Aug 11, 2015
Nelson - Aug 12, 2015
Calgary - Aug 17, 2015
Livestream - Aug 17, 2015

Here's the info:

Spiritual Women Entrepreneurs, Experts and Trailblazers…

So many coaches and big name speakers have been promoting “finding your voice” that it’s become a popular cliché, but it really is CRUCIAL to your success as an edge-walker. The problem is, there is a huge BLIND SPOT being missed. Finding your voice has become a metaphor for tons of ways in which we as spiritual trailblazers and entrepreneurs need to find our voice:

  • Building your confidence
  • Writing your first blog or newsletter
  • Creating your website and sales page
  • Personal Branding
  • Positioning yourself in the market as an expert and establishing your expertise
  • Discovering your purpose
  • Even your clothing, accessories and style

All of those are important for spiritual entrepreneurs, but what’s missing is the most important element of all.

What about your actual physical human voice? Are you sounding your voice to its fullest capacity in the most important but often overlooked business conversations and speaking opportunities??

  • Are you getting on the phone to connect with potential clients to invite them to work with you (sales calls)?
  • Are you following up with networking connections by phone after you meet them?
  • Are you bringing out your fullest, richest voice so people can not only hear you but FEEL you?
  • Are you getting on stage with confidence and sharing your personal story, gifts and wisdom with your ideal audience?

Ladies, it is time to awaken that beautiful, powerful voice of yours and let yourself be heard. Your voice can be sweet medicine for you, your clients, your audiences, your tribe, your family, your community and all the way out to Mother Earth. You know what else? Your voice all by itself is wonderful but when you add your SPIRIT and POWER to it, your conversations, spiritual gifts and intuition become supercharged with your core essence. And that makes you more of a gift to the world.

When you activate your VPS, your voice can carry healing energy every time you talk to someone. Amazing, right? That’s what I call using your voice as sacred medicine.

At the Voice Power Spirit Tour workshops, here’s what you’ll get:

  • Awaken your VPS – your Voice, Power and Spirit – so that you can sound your voice with confidence in those important conversations you need to have as an entrepreneur.
  • Hum, Drum and Sing to Open and Clear Your Inner Sacred Feminine Success Path™
  • Spiritually Connected Networking (as opposed to anxious business card in your face networking)
  • Fun, Easy Spiritual Practices to help you amplify your intuition. ? Receive Sound Healing from Brenda’s Medicine Song Channelling and Sounding Your Own Voice
  • Be the FIRST to experience and play with Brenda’s NEW Medicine Song Oracle Cards™ to help you find your voice and increase your gifts




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