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Fall Conference 2015

Getting back to our Roots
Sept 25 – 27, 2015
Sts’ailes Lhawathet Lalem Healing Retreat Centre
Agassiz, BC

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Remember to bring:

  • Bedding and towels
  • A drum and extras to share
  • A gift for the raffle drawing


Conference Presenters

David Thiaw, Master Percussionist

David Thiaw, Master Percussionist David's first home was in Senegal, the western-most country in Africa. He has memories of growing up in Dakar, with the scent of the Atlantic, the sand of the beaches and the music of the people inspiring him. At a very early age, he knew that music was his calling and the drum was his instrument. He formed his first rhythm band when he was 14 years old, and began a lifetime of world travel and learning about musical genres and their relation to - if not their debt to - West African rhythms. David has been playing music his entire life without neglecting his formal education. He completed 26 years of recognized educational attendance, with 7 years of classical education including Latin and Romance languages. There is much more to David’s fascinating background.

Conference Sessions: Rhythm Journey
Fri 7:30 – 9 pm & Sat 7 – 9 pm

David and his partner Louise Poole will lead us on a journey of exploration to connect deeply with Earth so we can feel her pulsing vibrations and express them through drumming and movement. This connection leads to a feeling of oneness with Mother Earth and all she is connected to. Those who have experienced David’s journeys have found them to be quite transformational and liberating. Please bring a drum or something to bang on. If you have extra drums, please bring them to share.

Post Conference Workshop: Glimpses of Africa
Sun 9 am – 3:30 pm

David and Louise look forward to further exploring the beauty of the surroundings to enhance the rhythm journey. David will share colorful stories of his background that demonstrate his passion for music and teaching. Drumming skills will be advanced and the power of expressing our rhythms in unity will be demonstrated.


Sandee Mac, Master Dowser and Shaman

Sandee MacSandee Mac is a Dowser (former president of ASD) and a Shamanic Practitioner with an extensive background rich in training from the latest leading-edge modalities in human potential coupled with practices and techniques sourced in ancient wisdoms and indigenous traditions. She has traveled and studied in Peru and has received direct Shamanic Initiation from the Elders of the Quero Indians...considered to be the last remaining descendents and keepers of the spiritual secrets of the Ancient Incas.

Conference Session Shamanic Day of Power
Fri 10 am – 3 pm

Be ready to discover, gather and utilize Power from the realms and dimensions of the Shamans and Medicine People of Old. We will learn to open Sacred Space, request assistance from the Apus and Luminous Beings and learn the geography of the Three Worlds. We will journey safely into the Lower World to do a Soul Retrieval, to recover and integrate lost parts of our Essential Self and then meet our powerful Spirit Helper. This Totem Animal will then always be available as a powerful resource for our spirit journeys. Traditionally these teachings were only shared after many years of dedicated apprenticeship; so don’t miss this unique opportunity.


Ervin Breitkreutz, Holistic Practitioner

Ervin Breitkreutz, Holistic PractitionerErvin is a gentle soul assisting the client's body to reconnect information already within their own energy systems. Using sensitive-metering techniques, Ervin helps to restore balance and energetic flow to blockages in these energy fields. He is a certified practitioner of Touch for Health, Body Management and Body Electronics. He also employs Jin Shin Do acupressure, Hyperton X joint rejuvenation, cranial-sacral, organ massage, nutritional and supplement counseling, as well as other energy-balancing techniques.

Conference Session: Natural Healing: Your Royal Road to Health
Fri 3:30 – 5:30 pm

Ervin will be sharing the latest information on the probable root cause of so-called life-diminishing diseases and how deficiencies in our bodies and lack of "self" can actually promote them. He will present scientific research confirming what ancient texts have said for thousands of years, that we may be quantum holograms, and this could explain how and why our bodies heal, no matter the seriousness of the disease. He will also present some tools from nature and hands on techniques that the members can use for their own healing.


Marsha Stonehouse, Healer and Artist

Marsha Stonehouse, Healer and Artist Marsha has studied and practiced Theravada Buddhist meditation for over 20 years and has explored and practiced shamanism, tai chi, kundalini yoga and many mind/body modalities. Her healing practice includes an ancient Tibetan energy work; Bon Soul Healing (Tse Dup Yang Bod). She has studied this healing practice with Geshe Chongtul Rinpoche, a Lama from Menri Monastery in India. Marsha was part of the first class in the West that was taught this practice. She is one of the few healers practicing this work in Canada. She will be offering individual healing treatments and a post conference workshop.

Conference Session: Bon Soul Healing: Ancient Tibetan wisdom for modern healing
Sat 9 - 11:30 am

This presentation will give a cultural and energetic description of an ancient and sacred healing practice from the Bonpo culture, the Indigenous spiritual tradition of Tibet. This energy healing practice has been passed down for over 17,000 years. It encompasses sacred healing practices that were once considered protected by Tibetan Lamas. It has only been brought to the west in the last decade. It teaches that the 5 elements; fire, water, air, earth and space are alive forces pervading and underlying all existence; that our soul is composed of their subtle qualities: that they are found both within our bodies and in the environment around us: that these elements are the energetic undercurrent that form and affect the physical world, including our own bodies; that they each form as aspect of our life force and spiritual essence.

Post Conference Workshop: Air, Fire, Earth, Water, Space
Sun 9 am – 3:30 pm

During this workshop you will:

  • experience each elemental energy as a force within you
  • learn sacred mantras for healing
  • practice meditations for healing imbalances
  • use sacred sound syllables for transformation of inner blockages
  • create balance through learning how to transform negative mind states into inner wisdom
  • recognize where your soul and life force energies are balanced and unbalanced

Irene Gempton, Workshop Facilitator, Professional Dancer

Irene Gempton, Workshop Facilitator, Professional Dancer Dr. Irene Rossberg-Gempton has been working as a clinical counselor, community consultant, and workshop facilitator for 15years. Irene is currently serving the Vernon community providing counseling sessions, health promotion workshops, and clinical and health promotion consultations.

Conference Session: Mindful Movement Meditation
Sat 2 – 3:45 pm

Combining her clinical and dance training, Irene brings expressive arts, dance, play and mindful movement meditation into her work so people can relax, heal, experience their “inner child”, release emotions, and move towards living in an authentic, honest, healthy way. She offers hope, health, humour and positive choices so people can increase their energy and continue their journey to explore ways to find inner peace, tranquility and joy. In the interactive workshop, participants are encouraged to enjoy learning how they can access and move their energy in a kind, gentle way through mindful movement, dance, relaxation, and celebration. Participants are invited to be playful, have fun, laugh, move and grow as they learn about the integrative process of creating wellness in their lives.

Presenters from the Local Band

ASts'ailesrrangements have been made for some of the native residents to come and share their stories, wisdom and ways. This is truly a unique opportunity to interact and learn of their culture

Conference Session: Local Sharing
Sat 4-5:30 pm







Friday Sept 25

  10 am - 3 pm Sandee Mac Shamanic Day of Power
  3:30 - 5:30 pm Ervin Breitkreutz Natural Healing: Your Royal Road to Health
  7:30 - 9 pm David Thiaw Rhythm Journey

Saturday Sept 26

  9 - 11:30 am Marsha Stonehouse Bon Soul Healing: Ancient Tibetan wisdom for modern healing
  2 – 3:45 pm Irene Gempton Mindful Movement Meditation
  4 - 5:30 pm Presenters from the Local Band Local Sharing
  7 - 9 pm David Thiaw Rhythm Journey
    Closing Ceremony  
    Hospitality Time  

Sunday Sept 27

  Post Conference Workshops  
  9 am - 3:30 pm David Thiaw Glimpses of Africa
  9 am - 3:30 pm Marsha Stonehouse Air, Fire, Earth, Water, Space




There are now many options for registering with the conference. Pay online or mail your payment, fill out the form and mail it or fill out the form online below.

Payment online:

Please Note: On Sept 1, 2015, Full Conference Registration increases by $50.

After placing order below, please complete online form. If you are a NEW MEMBER, please ALSO fill out and mail the new membership form.

Please send this Membership Form (and payment if not paid online) to the following address:
Canadian Society of Questers
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PO Box 1465, Salmon Arm BC V1E 4P6


Full Conference Registration:
(On Sept 1, cost goes up $50)
Post Conference Workshop Registration:
(selection of Post Conference workshops can be done at the conference)

Accommodation and
Meals Package:

Meal package includes 8
meals and 3 snacks

Please see Conference Letter for more accommodation options.

Full Vendor Table: $50
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See conference letter.

Those of us who stayed at the lodge for the spring retreat found the sleeping rooms to be quite comfortable with a full bathroom with shower in each room. We should be able to accommodate everyone with only 3-4 people per sleeping room. There are two rooms downstairs that sleep 2 people each for those who struggle with stairs. There is also a separate cottage available with 2 private rooms with one single bed in each. CSQ will make all arrangements with the lodge so please let Georgia know if you have special needs.

Due to the remote location and since the program will start Friday morning, the pricing includes arrival on Thursday evening after dinner, check-in starting at 6 PM. The price also includes 8 delicious buffet meals starting with breakfast Friday morning. We are asked to bring our own bedding and towels. Camping and RV parking is available on site. Pricing is the same as staying in the sleeping rooms due to the usage of the facility showers and rest rooms. The 3 night 8 meal package is available for only $255 per person.

If you need to arrive on Friday, a $30 discount is applied for a total of $225 per person.

If you prefer more privacy and comfort, there are 10 rooms at the B & B across the river rate $125 double room per night (includes breakfast). You will need to contact them directly to make your reservation 604-796-9798.

The other option is at the Sasquatch Inn about 15 minutes away. They have private rooms with washrooms down the hall for $45 per night. . Call directly 604-796-2730.

Those of you choosing to stay elsewhere can purchase meals at the lodge for $120 (8 meals, 3 snacks).


Vendor Info

See conference letter.

Vendor table fee to $50 (full tables only). Vendor tables will be set up in both the meeting hall and the dining room. Vendors can set up anytime after 6 PM on Thursday.

Vendors Participating in the Conference

1. Sue Studios / Orgone Alchemy

Sue will be offering her PEGs (orgone generators) at the conference. PEGs protect you from electromagnetic radiation that leaks out of cell phones, smart metres, computers, TVs, etc. The PEGs are really an alchemy of colour, numbers, gemstones, symbols, reiki and tachyon energy, and sacred geometry. Come feel and see the energy!

Contact: Susan Chepelsky
Website: and


2. David Thiaw and Louise Poole


3. Sandee Mac


4. Marsha Stonehouse


5. Irene Gempton


6. JOYce McLean

JOYce, Spiritual Collaboration Facilitator, will be offering Epame Readings and Harmony Sessions. Epame Card Reading: Discover what your Being wants you to know to increase balance & harmony. Heal root causes and know what action you might take to improve a situation and your state of being.

Harmony Session: Feel empowered - harmonize your body-mind-spirit-soul as they collaborate to create physical, emotional and spiritual transformation. Gain clarity, embrace who you are, and experience fulfillment.

Contact: JOYce McLean


7. Denise Morier

Denise Morier, Spiritual Advisor, will be offering consultations based on the information she receives from the individual’s soul. She will then provide knowledge, healing and resources based on the information received. The person is then invited to communicate with their Higher Self (dowse) to discover which of these will best facilitate their ideal physical, mental, emotional and spiritual evolution.

Contact: Denise Morier

Available for purchase:
Healing Statement Sheet: Resources, Energetic Gifts & Statements you can use to resolve any issues that you face whether physical, emotional or spiritual.

Know: Discover your most accurate tool to communicate with your Higher Self, know how to ask excellent questions to get the best answers. Resources for resolving accuracy and receptivity are included in this manual.

Beautiful Resolutions – creations such as coherence units & activation cards & sprays which facilitate healing of all root causes allowing for resolution. Healing Body Cards – Channeled Guides & Cosmic Locations with information and instructions on their use to heal root causes of physical indications.


8. Vedic Harmony Centre

Products: Sacred smudge kits of Vancouver Island, Flower of Life and Reiki, BioEnergy Pendants and Coasters, Acupressure Rings, Pyramid Energy kits, Colloidal Silver Maker kits, Dowsing Charts of India and more.

Services: Cleansing and Purgation Therapy Training and Consultation, Sound Healing, Breathwork, Su Jok Acupressure, Nutritional and Lifestyle Counselling, etc.

Contact: Raoul Bedi




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