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Fall Conference

To see highlights from past conferences.


Fall Conference
at 4 Points Sheraton
Kelowna, BC

Sept 26-28, 2014



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Also, please download a flyer about Adam.. please print and pass it around to help spread the word and help us to sell out of this special event!

Pre-Conference 1 Day Workshop
Friday Sept 26
with Adam McLeod, Dreamhealer

Adam McLeod, DreamhealerThe Questers is extremely excited to announce that Adam McLeod, Dreamhealer, a very popular teacher/healer/naturopathic physician will be doing a one day workshop with us just before the conference starts. He has written several books and sells out large venues for his workshops/group healing sessions. He will be finishing up an eastern Canada tour the week before our conference and has agreed to stop in Kelowna on his way back to Vancouver. His one day workshop will include 2 group healing sessions.

From Adam's website: Experience self-empowerment at Adam Dreamhealer's one day events where he performs two group healings and gives every participant the tools to powerfully influence their own health. The workshop has been completely redesigned to integrate life-changing information that Adam has learned at Naturopathic medical school. Participants will not only learn about the science behind healing, they will also learn many different practical tools that can improve their lives. Dr. Adam McLeod, ND is a Naturopathic doctor, molecular biologist, internationally renowned energy healer and best selling author. Over the last 10 years Adam has been credited with hundreds of healings from those who have read his books and attended his workshops. At these workshops he bridges his innate healing abilities with Naturopathic knowledge to teach others how to access their own healing abilities to become self-empowered.

Limited Capacity: 300

Fee: $100 members, $150 non-members (purchase tickets here)

Note: Due to the enthusiastic response to the news of Adam Mcleod, Dreamhealer's workshop, we are presenting the opportunity to register for that now to reserve your space. If you know you are also attending the main conference, you are welcome to register for that at this time also.

You may also pay for tickets to Adam's workshop by sending a cheque or money order to:

c/o Georgia Miller,
Box 382, 1213 Tunney Ave.,
Sicamous, B.C., V0E 2V0

Questions? Call Georgia @ 250-836-2082


Conference Presenters

Jamie JanoverJamie Janover
Popular teacher of the physicist Nassim Haramein's work

Those of you who have read Carol Heywood's Ascension News column in The Quester have heard her refer many times to the work of world renown quantum physicist, Nassim Haramein for having the best "big picture" explanations of Earth's and the surrounding universe's current processes of evolution as presented in his grand unification theory. Jamie Janover is one of only a handful of "emissaries" who have studied with Haramein himself and learned how to present this breakthrough material. He will give the keynote presentation "Crossing the Event Horizon - the unified field theory of Nassim Haramein" on Saturday evening and will offer a post conference workshop on Sunday.

Simple Explanation of unified field theory by Jamie Janover:


Jamie Janover is recognized as a true innovator. His considerable creative output includes: being a multi-instrumentalist and master of the ancient percussion stringed instrument called the hammered dulcimer, inventing and performing on an instrument he calls the "mini-kit" (a miniature amplified drum kit), playing pyrocussion (custom fire-drums) and creating the RealmsMobile (a recumbent tricycle with the mini-kit attached, enabling him to ride and play drums simultaneously).

Jamie’s current main project is a duet called Janover & reSunator with vocalist and keyboard player Lezlie Sunshine, who sings in both English and Chinese. By combining recent innovations in modern technology with the wisdom of ancient instruments, Janover & reSunator achieve a balance between the electronic and the acoustic, the male and the female, to create a resonant unified field: music reflective of the nature of modern times.

When not playing music, you can find Janover connecting dots around the world in his extensive travels and collaborations in multiple creative realms including creating stunning images as a professional photographer and making sculpture works using natural found objects. Janover’s life-long interest in the true nature of reality and the universe brought him to become an official emissary for scientist Nassim Haramein of the Resonance Project, delivering fascinating presentations on the physics of unified field theory.


Learn about Nassim Haramein’s lifelong journey into the geometry of space-time, which has lead to a coherent understanding of the fundamental structure and dynamics of the universe and our existence in it. In this presentation, Jamie Janover will take you on a journey through humanity’s evolution, exposing the changes necessary to produce a Unified Physics; a unification of not only the forces of nature but also the occurrence of consciousness, one which also reveals emerging parallels between ancient codes left in documents and monuments with the most modern day advanced scientific ideas. This all-encompassing theory may prove to be one of the most important discoveries of our time.

Post-Conference Workshop:
Gaining a Deeper Understanding of the Unified Field Theory

Haramein’s series of scientific papers, including his latest award-winning paper “The Schwarzschild Proton” which describes the proton as a mini black hole, propose solutions to the long-sought quest for a unification of not only all of physics, but also that of cosmology, chemistry, biology, anthropology, geology, psychology and the evolution of consciousness thereby revolutionizing our current understanding of our place in the universe. This ground-breaking theory incorporates torque, coriolis effects and the nonlinear mathematics of fractal systems. The concepts are presented in layman terminology, so you don’t need a science background to understand this amazing set of information.

(purchase tickets here)


Kimberly MarooneyKimberly Marooney
Connecting with angels


Rev. Dr. Kimberly Marooney was blessed with the ability to experience direct personal contact with God angels, and spiritual beings. She was the first person in the world to earn a Master’s degree in Angelology and a Doctorate in Spiritual Psychology. Many of the best know angel experts have sought to learn from her, including Doreen Virtue. Kimberly skillfully combines her 40 years experience as a mystic with her education to guide people into profound, life-changing angel encounters. By following inner guidance, this gifted mystic has authored a dozen books including best-selling Angel blessings Cards and founded Most recently, Kimberly introduced a new Angel Reader Certification and a rosary for the Children of Light.

Friday night presentation:

Kimberly Marooney has a secret: Angels are around you all the time looking for opportunities to guide you with love, healing, and everything you need.

What do you need help with? Do you find yourself asking questions like these?

  • Why do I only see or hear your guidance sometimes?
  • How can I overcome my fear connected with the challenges I’m going through?
  • Do I have a purpose in this life and what steps do I need to take to fulfill my soul calling?
  • How can I serve and flourish financially?
  • How can I live in inner calm?

If you could ask a question that had the potential to change your life, what would your question be?

While Kimberly loves to give angel readings, she would rather teach you to connect with angels to receive your own answers. During this session, you will learn:

  • Kimberly’s simple formula for asking and receiving responses
  • How to recognize the presence of your Angels using resonance and Angel Blessings Cards
  • The 7 Basic Steps for effective Angel Readings you can use for yourself and others

Even better, we’ll take it beyond the mind to experience the presence of your angels. We’ll tune in to their resonance to receive the gifts that are waiting for you.

Sunday post conference workshop:
Archangel Activations: Empower Your Soul Calling

Once upon a time in a dimension far, far away, dwelled the most incredible Children of Light. They were radiant, magical beings, emanating love, expressing creativity, living in joy. Guess what? That is You! Your True Being or “Shining One” is calling you Home. Calling you to Oneness. Can you feel your Soul Calling? The Archangels have come forth to assist by Activating secret centers in your body and being that allow you to receive the radiant flow of love from your Shining One.

These two Activations from Archangels Michael and Gabriel are specifically designed to lay a foundation of Safety and Trust that will allow your heart to open to receive the knowing and resources to manifest more of your Soul Calling.

Michael activates your Soular Plexus to unite you with your Divine Heritage of wisdom, abundance, love and creativity. He then activates your Sacrum to lay the foundation of Safety and Trust to open a base of trust in Divine Guidance and Intervention. This will make it easier for you to recognize and trust the Presence and guidance of your angels. Trust – Safety – Connection from an important pyramid of Presence, opening you to the pleasures of Spirit and the love flowing to you.

Gabriel activates the Soul Star opening a channel of pure, transcendental light to flow from the heavens in through your crown chakra illuminating your path. Very great are the treasures and resources that flow to you empowering your Soul Calling.

The archangels then connect the flow of energy from your soul star to crown chakra, nourishing your heart, empowering your soular plexus, alivening your root chakra to nourish your body, emotions and mind for the fulfillment of your soul calling and life purpose. These activations are divine intervention to answer your calls to:

  • Awaken to the truth of who you are
  • Access divine energy and knowledge
  • Be embraced by eternal peace
  • Further open your inner senses to perceive Spirit
  • Receive guidance on your next steps for your Soul Calling
  • Open your heart to experience more love that you can imagine

Step into the Sacred Circle expanding your heart and soul as you connect with your Shining Ones in this life-changing experience.

(purchase tickets here)

Read more about Kimberly's events while she is in Kelowna September 26 - October 5, 2014.

Ken CadiganKen Cadigan

Into the Heart of Awareness


Ken Cadigan, an international master facilitator, spiritual guide and creator of Fire Dancing, The Sacred Tradition was one of the first firewalking instructors to emerge from the American firewalking movement. Ken is blessed with the uncanny gift of Illuminating Truth in seas of lies. Truly he is a new paradigm catalyst for being awake. Firedancing per se cannot be facilitated at this venue so Ken facilitates our walk into authenticity with conscious relating through our vibrating in heart awareness.

Ken will also be wearing his naturopathic hat to teach nutritional protocols and procedures for healing anything. He is offering private 1 hour bodywork/healing sessions for a suggested donation. Since birth Ken has had a gift for healing cancer through his touch.

Saturday Presentation:
Into the Heart of Awareness

An introduction into the Essential Flavor of the Awakened Life and the implications of this very Profound Revelation and Lifestyle requirements for maintaining the Pure Steady State of the Revealations Realized. Our time will include Dyads and much interaction with participants. A day you will always remember.

Sunday post conference workshop:

This will be a day of very deep interactions and with participants experiencing a 5 step process originally created by Virginia Satir called The Daily Temperature. Ken has tweaked the original version slightly to allow participants to go much deeper and to heal at the Core Level!

Devrah Laval ( had her initial Awakening in Ken's Enlightenment Intensive 33 years ago in Vancouver! She will certainly inspire and educate folks about the Essence of his Work. Her current book can be had on-line for very cheap ... LEAP TO FREEDOM - Healing Quantum Guilt!

Ken Cadigan, an awakened realizer will give a presentation on Saturday called "The Heart of Awakening" which will give us a glance into what it is to truly like to live in the Awakened Reality. He too will follow up with a post conference workshop that give a more in depth view.

(purchase tickets here)


Norma Cowie

Norma Cowie
Your Soul, Past Lives and the Present

Norma Cowie is a metaphysical, psychic life consultant, teacher and author. She teaches people about their energy fields, opens up their psychic systems and aligns their chakra systems. Norma has studied most aspects of metaphysics, and she is a true teacher of personal transformation. She brings light to the world. She understands how light and love work, and is a respected teacher and counsellor. She will give a talk on Saturday about Soul Origins.

Norma's Presentation:
Your Soul, Past Lives and the Present

When the soul drops into creation, a journey of vast experiences awaits. Hear several stories of soul’s journeys, and how their past lives have affected this present one. Learn how we arrived here on planet earth and how that arrival can affect your life now. Everyone’s present life is run by belief systems, created by decisions made, and those decisions made come from your past lives. Understand the effect that has and how important this here and now life is.

(purchase tickets here)



Sean RogdersSean Rogders
Spiritual Environmentalism: The View from the Side of the Road

Sean Rogders embarked on a Dr. David Suzuki inspired trek to bring attention to the needs of a fragile environment. Follow him on his trek on his blog site: Walking Far...

It's very simple: An 1800 Km return trip from Vernon, B.C. to Haida Gwaii on foot. A small trailer to pull, a camera, and a desire to raise awareness of the beauty and fragility of the environment and our connection to it. Join him on an adventure in Environmental Awareness and the Human Spirit! Sean, also known as The Monk, will share his experiences and photos of his amazing adventure on Saturday.

Sean's Presentation:
Spiritual Environmentalism: The View from the Side of the Road

An examination of the failure of Environmentalism, its societal causes, and a spiritual approach to saving and repairing our home before it’s too late. Other related and pertinent topics will also be covered through the tradition of indigenous storytelling. The view from the side of the road – existing outside – is unique…

(purchase tickets here)


Shelley DarlingShelley Darling
The “Joy” Portal: Expanding Home, Heart and Habitat

Shelley Darling has dedicated over 35 years to the path of Unconditional Love and Conscious Evolution. She spent 15 years mentoring individuals, couples, and teens in "Embodied Heart Awakening”. She is a Mentor of Barbara Marx Hubbard’s ACE (Agents of Conscious Evolution) program and this year initiated the event EVOLVING Tampa Bay, a conscious co-creative experience in St Petersburg, focused on expanding community coherence.

In 2009, she founded Golden Light Dowsing/ Earth Medicine Alchemy a highly effective, whole systems, transformational journey. Dowsing, combined with her knowledge of Feng Shui, creates a “quickening” in the Field that expands and elevates one’s capacity for greater heart resonance, higher consciousness, Soul purpose and environmental harmony.

Shelley travels and consults internationally, revealing the dramatic shift that takes place when resistance in home, school and business environments are Dowsed. Her passion is sharing how Dowsing opens the Field, both individually and collectively, allowing for greater love and harmony, while healing the Earth.

Shelley's Presentation:

What is it that opens the doorway to greater freedom, creativity, connection and love? How many lifetimes have we been searching for that portal that will enable us to experience the safety and ease that we as individuals and as a collective, know as our birthright and allows us access to our Soul purpose and joy?

How is it that even though we are searching out new information, transformative methodologies and forgiveness techniques that we find ourselves still struggling?

Let’s embrace the beauty of ancient wisdom and dive into Dowsing as a promising evolutionary tool. Dowsing not only creates stress free environments, it restores harmonic resonance and connection between our heart, home and habitat. This expansion then acts as a powerful agent for accessing and experiencing our Soul purpose and innate joy, in ways that have been unimaginable.

(purchase tickets here)





Friday Sept 26

  8:30 am Registration  
  9:30 am - 4 pm Adam McLeod, Dreamhealer Pre-Conference Workshop
  7:30 - 9 pm Kimberly Marooney Connect to our angels
    Hospitality Time  

Saturday Sept 27

  9 - 10:30 am Norma Cowie Your Soul, Past Lives and the Present
  11 am - 12:30 pm Sean Rogders Spiritual Environmentalism: The View from the Side of the Road
  2 - 3:30 pm Shelley Darling The “Joy” Portal: Expanding Home, Heart and Habitat
  4 - 5:30 pm Ken Cadigan The Heart of Awakening


  7 - 9 pm Jamie Janover Crossing the Event Horizon - the unified field theory of Nassim Haramein
    Closing Ceremony  
    Hospitality Time  

Sunday Sept 28

  Post Conference Workshops  
  9 am - 5 pm Jamie Janover  
  9 am - 5 pm Ken Cadigan  
  9 am - 5 pm Kimberly Marooney  




There are now many options for registering with the conference. Pay online or mail your payment, fill out the form and mail it or fill out the form online below.

Payment online:

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Please send this Membership Form (and payment if not paid online) to the following address:
Canadian Society of Questers
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PO Box 1465, Salmon Arm BC V1E 4P6


Pre-Conference Workshop, Adam Mcleod
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Four Points by Sheraton at Kelowna Airport
5505 Airport Way, Kelowna, BC V1V 3C3, Canada
(855) 900-5505 (Mention Questers to receive discounted rate)

Room reservations at Four Points need to be made by September 5 in order to get the discounted rate.  After that it goes to their usual rate.

Alternate choices for accommodation all within a few miles of the conference venue

Super 8 Lake Country 250.766.5244
Canada's Best Value Inn 250.763.2484
Accent Inn 250.862.8888
Kelowna Inn and Suites 800.667.6133
Okanagan Season Resort 800.665.1264



Vendor Info

The potential for increased attendance at this conference makes it an excellent opportunity for vendors. It looks like the vendor tables will be set up in the ballroom where the presentations will take place. We have found this works well to facilitate exposure to the goods and services being offered as well as allowing the vendors to get in on the presentations.

Vendors need to be members and registered for the conference. Tables are either 6 or 8 ft. Half tables are half of an 8 ft table. Tables are not skirted or covered. Set up is either after 9 PM on Thursday (dinner meeting in the space until 9 PM) or 6 - 9 am Friday morning. Vendors on Friday and Saturday only. If vendors want to be in the room during the Adam McLeod workshop, they need to pay for the workshop. Otherwise they can set up a table and man the table during the breaks, but be out of the room during the actual session.


Vendors Participating in the Conference

1. Tyhson and Serah


2. Pure Heart Wellness

Pure Heart Wellness provides services in Energy modalities as Reiki, Yuen method, Multidimensional Healing, Holistic Nutrition Inner Peace Wellness has a wellness center located on Gordon drive in. The later mission offered a wide range of holistic services:massage, reiki, reflexology and natural chemical free products for bodycare.

Phone: 778-363-4411


3. Sue Studios / Orgone Alchemy

Sue will be offering her PEGs (orgone generators) at the conference. PEGs protect you from electromagnetic radiation that leaks out of cell phones, smart metres, computers, TVs, etc. The PEGs are really an alchemy of colour, numbers, gemstones, symbols, reiki and tachyon energy, and sacred geometry. Come feel and see the energy!

Contact: Susan Chepelsky
Website: and


4. Adam McLeod

Dr. Adam McLeod (aka Dreamhealer) will be selling his best selling series of books Dreamhealer and his DVD's. The focus of his work is demonstrating to participants that your intentions can be used to powerfully influence healing. The workshop also goes into great detail about how energy healing can be effectively integrated with naturopathic medicine. He will be available to sign books and answer any questions from participants of the conference.


5. Norma Cowie, Psychic Life Consultant/Metaphysical Teacher

Norma will have copies of her books, CDs and DVDs available.
Tel: 250.490.0654


6. Jamie Janover


7. Kimberly Marooney

Rev. Dr. Kimberly Marooney will have copies of her books, CD and the full Archangel Activation Series that open your heart and energy bodies to deeper connections with angels and The Divine. Healing, guidance, resources, everything needed is accessible through this connection. Kimberly will be available to sign books, answer questions, and connect.


8. Ken Cadigan

On Ken's table will be 2 books by Devrah Laval:

  • The Magic Doorway into the Divine
  • Leap to Freedom - Healing Quantum Guilt

Ken will also sell a deck of 54 Mystic Inspiration Cards by Devral as well. BENEFITS of the deck: Regular use of the Mystic Inspiration cards will help to: 1. Find inspiration or contemplative focus for your day. 2. Answer any pressing question that may be weighing heavily upon you. 3. Resolve any ongoing issue by giving you a new perspective, seeing it in a new light. 4. The cards help us to see through the outer appearances to the truth of who we really are.

9. Shelley Darling

10. H2O with LOVE™

Bless, energize, and insulate your water with an adjustable H2O with LOVE™ Water Wrap! Dr. Masaru Emoto’s research has shown how positive messages, in the form of thoughts and words, increase the energy vibration of water and ultimately our bodies.

In addition to the water wraps Shannon will have her popular glass garden flowers for sale. You can get a sneak peek in her Facebook album - “Flowers in the Sun”. Please contact her if there’s a particular flower you’d like her to bring to the conference.

Contact: Shannon Holand 250-766-5111

11. Unplugged Health Solutions/ Dr Ross Andersen DC ND
Environmental Health Consultant

Dr Andersen will be demonstrating E-Rad Detection and Shielding.


12. The Crystal Man 

Great selection of jewellery, raw and polished crystals and pendulums.



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