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Questers Spring Conference
Lighten Up!
May 13 – 15, 2016
Olds, AB

Location: Centennial Village
Olds College, Olds, AB

Olds College has done some extensive renovations to Centennial Village. Anar Kassam, a Quester, has been to it and reported back to Carol:

"Each room comes with its own bathroom, double bed, a desk, chair and night table, small and simple but will serve us well, considering the pricing. We need to bring a hairdryer, an alarm clock and she suggested a fan because of no air conditioning. The have quite a few rooms, but if anyone wants the cheaper townhouses, they will be available depending on availability. I do not believe they have the shared rooms anymore at the Frank Drysdale wing. One can check in at the front desk and then take their car around. The front desk is not open late.

They will provide bedding and towels

They also accommodate RVs. Loads of parking around and at the back. We would be using the fully equipped Alumni Conference Room with 4 TV Screens if we have a large crowd, very professional! ... and some other breakaway rooms on the same floor.

The cafeteria has been redone very well. They accommodate gluten free but not nut allergies.

The Village facility has an open design on the main floor where we could have our party with lots of round tables and chairs but I loved the back corner of the new cafeteria with lots of sofas and looked large enough but very comfy".

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Linda Rankin
Sacred Circle Dance Facilitator

Linda Rankin went to her first Sacred Circle Dance workshop in 1987. In 1988 she started her first circle in Calgary, Alberta where she held weekly dance circles. She was popular for leading dances at Earth Day Celebrations, Earth Healing Ceremonies at Olympic Plaza, as well as a Goddess Festival at the Glenbow Museum. Since 2010 she lives near Winnipeg Beach and brings her dancing to events such as Wassail and the Goddess Festival and the Matlock Festival of Arts and Music. She has travelled extensively sharing and collecting dances. Linda is also a Homeopath, Registered Bach Flower Practitioner as well as a Reiki Master.

Gathering into Community through Sacred Circle Dance
Friday May 13
7:30 pm – 9 pm

Joining in the Dance is a popular way of creating community around the world. We will use gentle, well-­- taught steps to bring our group into oneness and community for the weekend. No partners needed, even two left feet can move in the same direction as the group. Dances are taught fully before adding music. We will explore gentle simple circle dances.

Ivan McBeth
Master Geomancer and Druid Practitioner

Ivan McBeth lives at Dreamland, near Montpelier, Vermont. He is a Druid in the Order of Bards, Ovates and Druids, and is the founder of the Green Mountain Druid Order based in Vermont. His passion is the creation of sacred space, and he has designed and built 27 full-­-sized stone circles in various countries around the world. He is a founding member of the Circles for Peace project in the USA, and is co-­-responsible for the “Burlington Earth Clock’ stone circle by the bike path in Oakledge Park, Burlington, Vermont. He leads Ecstatic Dance classes with his wife Fearn DJ’ing. He is a Reiki Master, and the author of a book called ‘The Crystal Journey”.

Modern Megalithic Geomancy
Saturday May 14
9:30 am – 5 pm

  • Designing and Building Modern Stone Circles -­- Stone Circles are an ancient technology that still works in this day. Ivan will discuss some of the 27 full-­-sized stone circles he has designed and built. He will describe the intent behind each circle and the ways of working with the spirit of the Earth to help and heal. All the previous will be illustrated by some amazing photos.
  • Dragons! Dragons are huge forces of nature. Druids and modern Geomancers will meet them, and so it is essential to understand and learn how to communicate with them. This session will be both a serious and light-­-hearted exploration of dragons: what they are, how to build relationship with them, work with them, summon them, and how to ride on their backs into the stars.
  • Build a Living, Human Stone Circle -­- We will go outside and to build a stone circle. We will then journey to the realm of stones to find our ‘inner stone’. We will return with our stone and make an alive, human stone circle, which will become a collective power spot on the earth. We will then conduct a healing ceremony, directing earth energies to places that need healing.
  • Create a Dream Temple -­- It is useful to create a long-­-lasting temple that is invisible, yet a real power spot on the Earth’s surface. Depending on its intent and dedication, the circle will generate the energy to fulfill its purpose, and it can be programmed to dissolve once that purpose has been met. Using the energy we have already generated in the workshop so far, we will create a dream temple that will continue to function after we have left. It will function for as long as necessary, for a purpose we will discover together.
  • Completion of the workshop including any questions, psychic cleansing and grounding.

Martha Birkett
Vibrational Medicine Practitioner

Amaryllis Crystal Garden Owner, Martha Birkett is a Certified Body Talk Practitioner for humans and for animals. She is also certified as an Electro Acupuncture Practitioner (Electro Dermal screening) and is a Certified Member of the Natural Health Practitioners of Canada. Her caring attitude has morphed into a career of working with many different healing modalities. One of her greatest passions is vibrational medicine and the ancient art of sound healing. Martha incorporates her voice, tuning forks and Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls into her sessions and workshops. It is no wonder that the owners of Crystal Tones asked Martha to open a store in Banff. The store now has the largest display of Crystal Tones Alchemy Crystal Bowls in Canada. Martha also owns and operates The Amaryllis Centre For Healing in Cochrane, Alberta where you can find more Crystal Tones Alchemy Crystal Bowls.

Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowl Healing Concert
Saturday May 14
7:30 pm – 9 pm

You will be surrounded by many beautiful alchemy crystal bowls that will have been selected specifically for this event. The sounds will surround you with their powerful healing tones and immediately allow you to experience your multi-­-dimensional selves, tune your chakras and relax your mind. This allows for greater expansion of your being and allows for healing and transformation. The session allows you to release blockages and helps to open you to your full potential and to the opportunities in life. It is the frequencies of the alchemy crystal bowls that penetrate into every cell of your body, allowing optimal healing and growth to occur.

Sandee Mac
Master Dowser and Shaman

Sandee Mac is a Dowser (former president of ASD) and a Shamanic Practitioner with an extensive background rich in training from the latest leading-­-edge modalities in human potential coupled with practices and techniques sourced in ancient wisdoms and indigenous traditions. She has traveled and studied in Peru and has received direct Shamanic Initiation from the Elders of the Quero Indians...considered to be the last remaining descendants and keepers of the spiritual secrets of the Ancient Incas.

Time Travel: You CAN Go Back in Time and CHANGE it!
Sunday May 15
9:30 am – 4 pm

We all have them – some glorious – some pretty messy or horrible – those past and future lives that still color our current lives. Our resumes of past lives give us the huge range of experiences in the Planet Earth School. Originally trained in the 70’s to do past life work, Sandee has successfully done past life resolution work on thousands in groups and individually. She now shares some amazing shortcuts to help us discover, understand, completely heal and resolve the messy ones. We will learn to clear the past and change the future. Many of these lives and circumstances overshadow us now. They may very well powerfully and directly affect our health, finances, relationships, happiness and so much more. Bring your pendulums, along with your issues and lets get some resolution. This is not just information. We will get work done and all leave much LIGHTER!


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