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2014 Spring Event
GET to the POINT
Olds, AB
May 23 - 25, 2014

As we have been promising our Alberta members, we will be back at Olds College (about 45 minutes out of Calgary) for our Spring Event that will take place .  We are very pleased how this event is shaping up and hope it will attract many of our West BC members in addition to our easterners.

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Here are some of the presenters:

Dr. Patrick MacManaway

Dr. Patrick MacManawayBiography:

Dr Patrick MacManaway is a practicing dowser, geomancer and second generation practitioner of the healing arts. He has a degree in medicine and has several books
in print and CDs. Past-President of the British Society of Dowsers, he regularly teaches and consults in the US, the UK and Australia.

Workshop 1:

"Subtle Energies and Dowsing on Farm and Garden - A review of experiments, successes and strategies arising..."

5/23/2014 10 AM – 12 PM
Patrick has extensive experience of working with dowsing and subtle energies on farms in the US, UK and Australia, increasing yields, fertility and health of crops and livestock. Green Fingers and plant-whispering can come out of the greenhouse and garden and go to work in the fields...  

Workshop 2:

"The Keys to Grace and the The Art of Blessing - how to enter and maintain our personal state of grace and work daily miracles..."

5/23/2014 1:30 PM – 5 PM
All practices of dowsing, healing and manifestation require a posture or attitude of mind and feeling that is variously
described as "the dowsing mind" "the zone" or as a "State of Grace". Call it what we will, the degree to which we can
personally hold a peaceful, alert mind with an open heart and engaged intuition is the limit to our clarity and work as
dowsers. Patrick shares strategies and awareness from 20 years of coaching

Post-Conference Workshop:

"Subtle Energies and Dowsing in Agriculture - how best to Aim the Love to get the Best Results..."

5/25/2014 9 AM – 5 PM
Patrick shares more details from the previous workshops and offers coaching in how to get the best results when bringing dowsing and subtle energy practices to garden and farm.




Ron LaPlace

Ron LaPlaceUnfortunately, Ron had to cancel his participation in the conference.








Joseph-Mark Cohen

Joseph-Mark CohenJoseph-Mark Cohen is the founder and director of the Tree-of-Life Mystery School which offers Earth Mysteries Travel Journeys to sacred sites in Egypt, Britain, Ireland, Sedona, Bali & throughout the Mediterranean world. He is the author of 3 books on the Kabbalah (The Book of Gates, The Kabbalistic Healing Workbook & The Tree of Life Tarot Workbook), an epic earth mysteries poem Aleph 2160: A Zodiac Oracle ( in the mystical poetical tradition of Blake & Rumi ) plus the recently published Crop Circle Oracle Cards. Joseph-Mark has a knack for bringing the most esoteric & mystical teachings down to earth. His workshops are pure magic!


Sonic Healing a la Kabbalah

An exploration of the 72 "Divine Names", chanting with the Angels, the Elohim & an introduction to Overtone Harmonics & the Tree of Life.

more info coming soon!

Joy Thompson

Joy ThompsonBiography:

Joy has been working in the field of natural Vision Education for seventeen years. Since first improving her own eyesight in 1996, she is passionate about helping people to see better, feel better, and live healthier lives through improving the health of their eyes. She is also a published author. Her latest book, “Easy on the Eyes”, has just been released by her publisher, Friesen Press and is available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo and many other online sellers, as well as directly from Friesen in Victoria.

Until supplies last Joy isoffering paperbacks herself, so if you'd like to purchase directly from her, just send her an email and put "book order" in the subject line to start the process. She would also love to personalize and autograph your copy if you'd like that.

Please do order this book, whatever format you choose, for the sake of your eyes, your children's eyes, your parent's eyes, and all the eyes that you love! That's been the whole purpose of her doing this writing; to supply information that will inspire everyone to take steps to keep their eyes healthy and shining and seeing as clearly as possible.


“Eyes that Sparkle and Shine”

5/24/2014 9AM – 12 PM
This workshop will combine breathing techniques, vision practices and movements that support healthy eyes and clear eyesight. Please wear comfortable clothing and bring a yoga mat or blanket, and be ready to interact in a gentle way, to experience many practices that will benefit your eyes as well as your body and being. This workshop is fun and easy, and is suitable for people of all fitness levels. Put some sparkle back into your beautiful eyes! 



Dr. Janice Walton-Hadlock, DAOM (Doctor of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine)

Dr. Janice Walton-HadlockBiography:

Janice (“J.J.”) teaches the art of detecting the flow of “Channel Qi” (subcutaneous electrical currents). For nearly twenty years, she’s been teaching this skill both internationally and as a professor at Five Branches, the highly acclaimed acupuncture college in Santa Cruz, California. Her textbooks for acupuncture students are: Tracking the Dragon (advanced Channel Qi theory), and Yin Tui Na (light-touch Chinese therapeutic techniques).


“The Dragon that Connects Heaven and Earth”

5/24/2014 7 PM -9 PM
You will dispel the mists of obscure Chinese-medicine principles when J.J. explains them in terms of basic high-school physics, a bit of quantum physics and, most importantly, their spiritual origins. The very root of Chinese medicine is the Channel Qi system, the famous “Dragon (waves of energy: Channel Qi) that connects Heaven (spirit) and Earth (material existence)”. In these workshops you will discover the Ancient Chinese science of the vibratory nature of all living things. The flow patterns of Channel Qi in a healthy person vary from moment to moment, changing in response to our thought waves, our surroundings, our physical activities. In turn, the currents and electromagnetic fields of the Channel Qi influence all the electrical processes in the body. When the Channel Qi flows optimally, good health results. If the channel Qi is in disarray, health problems are inevitable the channel Qi will affect DNA to.

Post-Conference Workshop:

“A Layman’s course in Medical Diagnostics Using Chinese Channel Theory”

5/25/2014 9 AM – 5 PM
In this workshop you will go into in depth processes, learning to feel with your hands, the vibrations given off by a human’s subcutaneous electrical currents, the electromagnetic waves known in Chinese medicine as “Channel Qi.” You will learn how to feel where a person’s Channels are flowing – or not – in this workshop. You will receive easy-to-use channel maps of the correct Qi flow patterns. You will learn to pinpoint the exact locations of a person’s channel aberrations, and how to correct those patterns.

We will practice performing diagnostics on each other. We will also learn basic techniques for helping others correct their Channel Qi irregularities. Many health problems, including pain and chronic illness, respond with stunning swiftness when Channel Qi flow errors are corrected. You will learn to detect and resolve problems stemming from the wrong flow of Channel energy.



Tom Duke

Tom DukeUnfortunately, Tom will be unable to do his Friday night workshop: Family Constellation Work





John Living


John LivingJohn, a long-time, well-known Quester, has thankfully stepped in and will do a presentation on Friday evening.


John Madgwick Living now a retired Professional Engineer and an Honorary Life Member of the Questers started dowsing in 1952, being taught as a young officer in the Corps of Royal Engineers - he was one of the first officers commissioned by Queen Elizabeth II.





Friday May 23

  9 am Registration begins  
  9:30 am Opening Ceremony  
  10 am - 12 pm Patrick MacManaway Subtle Energies and Dowsing on the Farm and Garden
  12 pm - 1:30 pm Lunch  
  1:30 - 5 pm Patrick MacManaway Interactive workshop: The Keys to Grace and the Art of
  5 pm - 7 pm Dinner  
  7 pm - 9 pm John Living  
  9 pm Hospitality time  

Saturday May 24

  9 am - 12 pm Joy Thompson Experiential workshop: Eyes that Sparkle and Shine
  12 pm - 1:30 pm Lunch  
  1:30 pm - 5 pm Joseph-Mark Cohen Workshop: Sonic Healing a la Kabbalah
  5 pm - 7 pm Dinner  
  7 pm - 9 pm Dr. Janice Walton-Hadlock "JJ" The Dragon that Connects Heaven and Earth
  9 pm Closing ceremony & hospitality time  

Sunday May 25

  Post Conference Workshops  
  9 am - 5 pm (with lunch break) Patrick MacManaway Subtle Energies and Dowsing in Agriculture - How to Best Aim the Love to get the Best Results
  9 am - 5 pm (with lunch break) Dr. Janice Walton-Hadlock A Layman's Course in Medical Diagnostics Using Chinese Channel Theory





There are now many options for registering with the conference. Pay online or mail your payment, fill out the form (download it here) and mail it or fill out the form online below.

Payment online:

Please Note: After April 30, 2014, Full Conference Registration increases by $50.

After placing order below, please complete online form.

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Olds College offers on-campus townhouses with four bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, kitchen and living room for $40 per room per night (no linens provided - optional linen bag $5/stay)

Reserve directly by calling toll free 1-800-661-6537 (ext 8330)
or direct 403-556-8330.

Or online at subject line "Quester Retreat"

When booking, please provide, name, phone number, email, credit card to hold room, number of meal tickets, linens or no linens and housemate requests, this information must be to the staff of Olds College prior to May 1.

Other Close-By Accommodation Choices

Best Western (mention Quester Conference for discounted rate) 403-556-5900
Ramada Inn 403-507-8349
Pomeroy Inn 403-556-8815


Vendor Info

For those interested in being a vendor, we feel it is an ideal place to do so because the vendor tables are inside the hall where the presentations take place so attendees have a great opportunity to spend more quality time to see what you have to offer. Plus you do not have to miss anything while attending to your table.

Vendors are required to be Canadian Society of Quester members, $35 for annual single membership, and must also be registered for the conference, $150 early bird member.

Vendor tables - $90 full table, $50 half table.


Vendors at Olds

  • Thyson Banighen
  • Mountain Rose Music
  • Total Face and Body Solutions





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