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Earth/Spirit Connections

2012 Spring Conference Speakers


Grahame Gardner” Glasgow, Scotland: Professional Dowser & Geomancer has been interested in all things esoteric for as long as he can remember, particularly earth mysteries; and has studied and practiced widely across the whole spectrum of Western esoteric tradition,  from shamanism to Kabala.  He taught himself to dowse as a teenager when, after reading Tom Grave’s ‘Needles of Stone’, he made his first pair of L-rods from some coat hangers and proved to his own satisfaction that he could find underground water, cables and other utilities.  Twenty years later, a chance encounter with Sig Lonegren led him to realise that all the different coats he wore could in fact be hung on a single hook ‘geomancy’.  Grahame decided to train as a professional geomancer at Sig and Patrick’s School of Modern European Geomancy in Glastonbury.  He joined The Labyrinth Society and The British Society of Dowsers at this time.


Grahame is a Professional Member, Registered Tutor and current President of The British Society of Dowsers.  He has written several articles on dowsing and geomancy for their journal Dowsing Today, many of which have been published internationally.  He is based in Glasgow, Scotland.


From the Mundane to the Arcane – “the Geomancer’s Journey”


Grahame Gardner’s  Full-Day Conference Presentation will take you on a geomantic journey, giving you a very practical overview of the modalities involved when working with both everyday and sacred space.


Session 1 – Geomantic Paradigms and Spirit of Place

Beginning with an overview of western geomancy, we will look at some classifications and definitions that we can apply to our embryonic practitioner’s map and discuss some means for connecting with spirit, before studying some examples of the genius loci at various places around the planet.

Session 2 – Dragons, Devas, Demons and Doorways

This session will look at the geopsychic and psycho-spiritual issues that the practising geomancer frequently has to deal with. We will study spiritual cosmology using the shamanic ‘world tree’ model of consciousness and look at how to traverse the paths within the tree and how to interact with the beings that inhabit the various realms.

Session 3 – Cycles of Time and Space

In the modern, urban environment most people are largely unaware of the natural cycles around them and many are unable to tell you the current phase of the moon.  An understanding of what the heavens are doing is an essential tool in the construction of sacred space, and also for survival in the wild.  This module will cover the basics of celestial mechanics and show how to incorporate astronomical alignments in the construction of a sacred space.

Session 4 – Sacred Geometry and the Megalithic Yard

Another essential tool in the construction of sacred space is an understanding of the geometry involved in such spaces.  By incorporating these ratios into our construction, a subtle resonance is created that enhances the possibility of a spiritual connection.  We will look at the basic ratios of sacred geometry and show how they are applied to such sites as the Avebury stone circle in Wiltshire.


Grahame Gardner’s Post-Conference WorkshopWalking the Path


In this full-day workshop, Grahame will demonstrate how to apply the principles learned in the Conference seminar towards constructing an outdoor Classical 7-circuit labyrinth, and demonstrate some methods of working with the labyrinth, culminating in his recent ‘discovery’ of the wonderful labyrinth dance known as ‘Gardner’s Double Appleton’.



Freddy Silva” Portland, Maine:  is one of the world’s leading researchers of sacred sites, ancient systems of knowledge and the interaction between temples and consciousness.  He is the best-selling author of ‘Secrets of the Fields’ -  The Science and Mysticism of Crop Circles.  His new book is ‘Legacy of the Gods’ - The Origin of Sacred Sites and the Rebirth of Ancient Wisdom.  He has also directed three documentaries.


Freddy lectures internationally, with keynote appearances at the International Science and Consciousness Conference, the International Society for the Study of Subtle Energies & Energy Medicine, and the Association for Research and Enlightenment, in addition to appearances on Discovery Channel, BBC, and radio shows such as Coast To Coast.  Described by the CEO of Universal Light Expo as “perhaps the best metaphysical speaker in the world right now.”


What the Ancients Were Up To:

“Temples, Transformation, and the Location of Paradise”   (Friday Evening )


Can a temple transform ordinary humans into extraordinary beings?  Ancient texts speak of sacred sites as living entities where people are ‘transformed into gods, into bright stars’, and evidence shows how these places of power are indeed built at special locations and according to a prescription that is capable of altering consciousness.


In this groundbreaking presentation, best-selling author Freddy Silva will demonstrate how groups of adepts sharing a singular vision have been implementing a spiritual technology around the world since at least 15,000 BC that allows ancient temples to act as windows into paradise.  Not only are temples repositories of an incredible ancient science, they also serve as an insurance policy for present times, when humans have lost sight of the fact they too are gods.


Temple Making:  - “How to Create Your Own Portal of Power” (Saturday)


In Freddy Silva’s full-day conference presentation, you will learn the Seven Principles behind ancient temples, empowering you to create your very own portal of subtle energies – wherever you live.


After two decades of on-site experience, Freddy discovered how ancient temples are living structures based on Seven Laws of Temple Making.  Not only are these principles over 12,000 years old, they can still be used today to create a portal of subtle energies, even if you live in an apartment.  You don’t even need large blocks of stone to do it.


In this packed seminar, taught around the world, you will learn how to move water and magnetic lines using focused intent, understand the facets of secret geometry, the purpose of orientation, the programming of stone and crystal, sacred measure, a brief history of templemaking, and the Laws of Manifestation.  The group will construct a temple from scratch throughout the day, with each stage of energy build-up demonstrated by dowsing.




 “Garry Oker” Fort St. John, BC:  Master Cultural Designer, is a multi talented individual who received his Masters Degree in Leadership and Training from Royal Roads University in 2005.  He is a former band chief, a scholar and a business visionary who created SYMBOLS DESIGN CORP, a marketing media design company that promotes innovation and creativity in building and sustaining organizations. He is a leading proponent of “Cultural Design Thinking”, a means of discovering new procedures to connect information exchange between people from different cultures.  He uses symbolic messages of the past as a way to connect with the future.

Garry Oker is a cultural  architect linking old and new to empower and strengthen personal vision.  He has co-written and co-directed the opening and closing ceremonies of the Arctic Winter Games 2010.   He also performed a multimedia musical at the Aboriginal Pavilion during the 2010 Vancouver Winter Games – only 15 artists were selected from across Canada.


He is a traditional song keeper and innovator of new recomposed Dane-zaa music and has 2 CD albums to his credit:  “Spirit Dreamers” 2008 and “RIDE” 2010.


Garry Oker’s Conference Presentations (Sunday)


The Meaning of Digital Mythology: emerges from the ancient future.  The world view of spiritual beings on the land, and the relationship with ancestral stories continues a quest to create new ideas in translating the worldview of ancient people.  Garry sees that the stories reflect  the past, present and future at the same time, creating new opportunities to communicate the present worldviews of all people.


Participants will discover their natural gifts and a place to discover purpose and new approaches to life.  They will look at what happens when they blend new concepts with ancient practices of raising consciousness.  Garry believes we have the ability to connect with the spiritual world by using the gift of dream songs.  It is a tool to help us see fragments of our unconscious truth and to heal our spirit.  We design a new path to the trail of dreaming needed to combine the forces of indigenous knowledge systems with emerging knowledge.  This helps us to transform our conscious mind.


Sunday Morning:  A Hero’s Journey and Indigenous Cultural Design

Sunday Afternoon:  Artistic translation of cultural artifacts through arts and music


Garry Oker’s Post-Conference Workshop   (Monday)


Participants will map their lives to redesign their cultural myths, see world systems through their gifts, develop a new tool kit, and understand where they are on their journey to live their bliss.







Friday to Sunday Conference Schedule


GRAHAME GARDNER                  Friday:   9 am - 5 pm


FREDDY SILVA                                Friday:  7 - 9 pm    &    Saturday:   9 am - 5 pm *


GARRY OKER                                  Sunday:  9 am - 5 pm


(Registering for the Full Conference includes all the above.)


*Those who pay to attend Freddy Silva’s Conference Presentation receive both his Friday Evening & Saturday sessions.


*Those who don’t pay to attend Freddy Silva’s Conference Presentation may attend his Friday Evening session only for $15 (pay at the door).  If after hearing the Friday Evening session you decide you want to attend his Saturday session also – the $15 will be credited towards the full cost.


Saturday Evening:  Special Social for All registrants!!



Monday Post-Conference Schedule


GRAHAME GARDNER                  Monday:  9 am – 5 pm


GARRY OKER                                  Monday:  9 am – 1 pm